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Quick Info

Registration and Enrollment
The academic session of the school is from April to March. The registration starts from December of every year for the next academic session. The prospectus and registration form shall be available at school office.Visit school and fill enquiry form and get all relevant details.
Programs & Facilities
S.S. Academy provides lots of Pograms and facilities like Audio Visual Rooms, Computer Lab, Smart classes and Conveyance facilities.
Extra Curricular Program
Besides the cultural and literary programmes in the school, the school promotes outdoor and social activities like adult literacy campaign, social awareness, health-care mobilization, Child Line Club, environmental club etc.
Curricular Activities
The S.S. Academy aims for providing holistic development to its students and it opposes the rigid and stressful examination policy. 

General Info

Principal: Nishi Agrawal

Grade Levels: Kids Plant – 12th Grade

Board: CBSE

Non-Discrimination Policy

About Us

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”.
kid’s plant provides a safe and welcoming environment. Family and community involvement. School motto is too caring for each other. Lots of activities, toy and puzzles, picnic and educational excursion are our creativities.

Curricular Activities

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope .Hope breeds peace”

We provide a high standard of teaching and learning. We provide the students such an atmosphere in which students are encouraged to speak English fluently.

Curricular Activities

Hybrid program from class 7 onwards.
Hybrid studies involve preparation for competitive exams. We have maths tricks solving session.SS Academy provides experienced faculty and proper emphasis on competitive subjects.

Curricular Activities

Experienced teachers and Admin along with support personnel’s keep our mission flag flying high
At S.S. Academy, Our faculty is highly knowledgeable and up to date in their subject area, but did not pretend to “know it all” and were willing to learn from their students.
They are excited and enthusiastic as they teach, students respond positively. Students feel as though the material is laid out in an orderly fashion that makes sense to them, they respond positively without compromising the core values and ethics of our culture.

Our Mission & Vision

• The motto of S.S. Academy is not only to teach certain books but also to promote physical, mental, spiritual development and to encourage talents beyond limitations.

• We provide the students such an atmosphere in which students are encouraged to speak English fluently.

We live our faith through a creative and competent actualization of a school culture that is broad in vision and embraces the multiplicity that characterizes our words.

• To make students responsible, law abiding and enlightened citizens of a global society.


Vijay Chowk, Opposite A.D. Mall, GAS Godam Gali, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh -273001

School Office Hours

M-F: 8am – 4pm
Weekends: Open

Phone & Email

+91 94152 12957 / +91 93352 47213

Our Principal

          “We aim at excellence”
SS Academy school prides itself on the quality of its educational programs , the professionalism of its staff and the enthusiasm of its students.
Nishi Agrawal



Saturday, February 15

Science and craft exhibition 15th February 2020

Thursday, February 27

Annual exam from February 27

February 2020

Admission open for new academic session 20-21.

Infrastructure & Facilities

What Parents are Saying

                  “Aditya Bansal”

“SS Academy focuses a lot on experiential learning and extra curricular activities. Teachers here are so hard working and always give chance to all child to showcase their hidden talent. Really satisfied with the teaching methodology and the overall development of my child”. 

                         “Anuj Tripathi”

“The Pupils at S.S.Academy welcome and respect the differences in each other and have the confidence that whatever merits or interest they have within them, they can do their best. I think, more important in the overall development of the child than pure academics. I would like to thank the school for everything they have done not only for My child but for every child in the school”.

                      “Md. Fayaz Alam”

S.S. Academy has provided a multi-dimensional platform for my children to experiment as well as get exposed to various thought and experiences. Their positive behaviour towards any situation and skills being provided through the teachings, encouragement and emotional support from the faculty. Schools such as S.S. Academy are going to provide future leaders from Gorakhur because of the focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children, which is refreshingly different.


After School programs


Years Established

Get In Touch

Location: Vijay Chowk, Opp. A.D. Mall, GAS Godam Gali, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Telephone: +91 94152 12957 / +91 93352 47213

Email: ssacademygkp@gmail.com

School Office Hours: M-F: 8am – 4pm

Weekend: Open

Non-Discrimination Policy
  • We admit students to the school in accordance with our Admissions Policy
  • Our all students are respected members of the school, with no regards of race, gender, age, religion, tradition or ability.
  • We provide equal entrance and opportunity for all students to benefit from the school’s academic program and participation in all curricular activities
  •  We promote understanding of the Principals, equality and justice.
  • We prevent negative influences of any kind which causing harm discrimination.
  • We immediately respond to reports of discrimination or alleged discrimination